Available at stores and restaurants in the Seattle and Bellevue areas


Experience the cherry blossom infused, spring water based refreshing taste of NIHON SAKURA.

Unlike many other products on the market claiming to be cherry blossom flavored, NIHON SAKURA is made with real cherry blossom flowers and extract, so you can enjoy the  benefits including:


-Essential Fatty Acids

-Promotes Healthy Skin

-Anti-Inflammatory Properties


With a unique blend of yuzu and lychee, our newest product is like sunshine in a bottle! 

YUZU MIZU is the perfect pairing of sweet and sour together for a bold taste. 

Here is feedback from one of our retail partners when they started carrying YUZU MIZU -

"People are also enjoying the YUZU MIZU. Here's a note from Nicky, our assistant manager:

A regular bought a YUZU MIZU and I asked them to give me a review once they had tasted it. They said they loved it. That the lychee added just the right amount of sweetness and floral to it. They also thought the little bit of yuzu at the bottom was fun and delicious. The most notable comment was that they said they would trade drinking soda everyday for a YUZU MIZU instead."

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